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Hi, I’m Sybil!

I am an international educational consultant, author, coach, and the driving force behind the Wealth & Wellbeing Collective for Teachers.

With over two decades of experience in education, I am dedicated to your growth and fulfillment in more than just your teaching life. My motto is: Teach well, live well.

My inspiration comes from a life of outdoor adventures, living and teaching abroad in five different countries, and exploring the world as a tourist.

These experiences have woven a rich tapestry that I translated into captivating stories of resilience, personal growth, and purpose in my first book, Burn Bright, Not Out.

My writing is filled with empathy, which will ignite a spark within you, guiding you on your journey of self-discovery and fulfillment.

I know firsthand how challenging and rewarding at the same time, teaching can be. As a teacher and instructional coach who pushed myself to the limit in leadership roles, I experienced burnout like you probably have too.

Then came the epiphany – burnout is a shared experience, happening to different extents at various points in our careers. That’s why I created your companion guide, a roadmap to self-love.


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