I just realized something important about myself: I struggle to maintain some of my daily habits when fear takes over.

Tools like…

🙏🏼 meditating

🌲 grounding

🪴 taking care of indoor plants

🧠 experiencing creative flow on Brain.fm

even 🧘🏼 practicing yoga (which my body requires)

Thankfully, our dog ensures that I never stop walking in nature. We did just get through a 3-day freeze, though!

I tell myself that you have to experience the lows (like imposter syndrome and fear) to appreciate the highs (such as freedom).

This post is a reminder to keep up with your healthy habits as much as possible every single day.

Never miss two days in a row. Live by this rule, and it will change your life! 🏞️

What daily habits do you need to hold tight to? Comment below; I’m curious!

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