Remember when I told you about Bryson’s savvy stock move? Well, it’s time for another chapter in the ‘My Kids Are Financial Gurus’ saga, starring my daughter, Carina, this time.

We’re in the thick of planning a family getaway to Puerto Vallarta (yup, counting down to beach days and margaritas!), and Carina, my high school senior, decides she’s not just content with one trip to Mexico. She’s dreaming of a senior trip with her crew right after she turns 18. Ambitious, right?

So, I play the ‘realistic parent’ card, reminding her about the looming college expenses. I’m expecting a bit of teenage drama, but Carina, in her usual style, leaves me speechless. She’s like, “Well, I’ll just get a job in spring and pay for it myself. You can’t stop me if I am 18.” Talk about a mic-drop moment!

It’s like a flashback to Bryson’s graphics card story. These kids are not just dreaming; they plan and understand the value of earning and spending wisely. It’s a proud parent moment but also a big win for us as educators, right?

This got me thinking – we’re doing something right in our homes and classrooms. We’re shaping these young minds to think critically, be independent, and be responsible. That’s a huge deal.

Speaking of money smarts, I’ve got something exciting for you! 

Next week, I’m hosting a FREE 3-Day Money Ninja Challenge. It’s all about kickstarting financial well-being and crafting a plan to achieve those 5-year dreams. If Carina and Bryson can do it, so can we?

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And hey, if you missed the email about Bryson’s stock market adventures, check it out here. It might just give you some ideas on how to spark financial literacy conversations with your own kids or students.

I’d love to hear your stories too! How are you teaching your kids or students to be money-wise? Hit reply, and let’s share some tips and tricks.

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